Ombori and partners

Ombori July 2021 Event

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 · 5 p.m. CEST · 11 a.m. EST

Length: 20 min

Improve customer experience at scale

Retail is changing faster than ever. In order to meet the expectations of consumers and provide the customer experiences they demand, retailers need to implement and scale new technologies rapidly.

Developing custom software to power omni-channel experiences is slow and costly, so retailers need to be able to buy ready-made, proven, affordable solutions that can be customized and deployed quickly and easily, from pilot to full-scale rollout.

Join us on Wednesday, July 7, as we announce our new marketplace that will empower retailers to purchase and deploy a wide range of tried and tested retail technology literally within minutes. Addressing the needs of your customers and your brand can be as straightforward and painless as buying an app. 



Andreas Hassellöf


Chief Executive Officer

Oskar Jakobsson

Oskar Jakobsson


Product Manager, Ombori Grid Marketplace

Chase Hawkins

Chase Hawkins


IoT Business Acceleration


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