Ombori presents:

AI in Physical Stores 

Enhancing the Shopping Experience with StoreAI by OmboriGrid 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 · 5pm CEST · 11am EST · 8am PST 


Everyone’s talking about AI and how it will change the world. But retailers don’t need talk – they need solutions.

And that’s what Ombori is delivering – AI-powered store digitalization solutions that can quickly and easily enhance the shopping experience for both customers and staff, as well as providing powerful, detailed insights for managers.

Join us as we launch StoreAI, the newest enhancement to Ombori Grid.

In addition to ChatGPT and OpenAI, StoreAI will include expert systems that offer store mapping, 3D modeling, and on-demand image creation.

We’ll show you how you can use a selection of preconfigured, customized best-of-breed AI solutions designed for retailers to increase productivity, offer customers more choice, and create memorable shopping experiences that will keep customers coming back, increase brand differentiation, and increase revenue. 


 Speakers include:


Andreas Hassellöf


Chief Executive Officer


ShiSh Shridhar


Global Retail Lead - Microsoft for Startups


Alper Aydemir


Chief Executive Officer


Jessica Milan


Chief Growth Officer

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